Your Rights

The rights you have as a tenant depend on the type of tenancy you have.

Introductory tenancies

New tenants of Council properties are offered introductory tenancies. These will last for 12 months after which you will be offered a secure tenancy as long as you are not in breach of the terms of your introductory tenancy.

As an introductory tenant you will not enjoy all the rights as a secure tenant. If you are in breach of the terms of your tenancy as long as the managing agent (either Wolverhampton Homes or the TMOs) can show they have followed the correct procedure and have good reason to evict you, they will only have to demonstrate to the court that they have followed the correct procedures to get you out.

As an introductory tenant you will not have the right to:

  • Buy your Council home
  • Exchange to another property
  • Make improvements
  • Take in lodgers.

Although in the latter 2 instances you may request permission to do so.

Secure tenancies

Once you become a secure Council tenant your rights include:

  • Right to buy
  • Right to make improvements (you need written permission first)
  • Right to a mutual exchange (subject to certain conditions – refer to your tenants’ handbook or speak to your landlord or managing agent)
  • Right to succeed (pass on your tenancy in certain circumstances)
  • Right to take in lodgers or sublet (as long as you are not overcrowded and you will need permission to sublet)
  • Right to repair (refer to details in your handbook)
  • Right to consultation

As a secure tenant you may only be evicted by a court where there has been a serious breach of the tenancy conditions and the landlord must show there is good reason to repossess the property.

Assured tenancies

Housing Association tenants hold assured tenancies. These offer full security of tenure which means that under the law you have the right to stay in your home as long as you live in it as your main home and are not in breach of your tenancy conditions. Your landlord cannot evict you without obtaining a court order and you may only be evicted for serious breaches of your tenancy.

As an assured tenant your rights include:

  • Right to sublet part of your home (you will require permission from your landlord)
  • Right to exchange (subject to conditions and obtaining permission)
  • Right to succession
  • Right to be consulted
  • Right to have access to information held about yourself held on file or computer systems
  • Right to information
  • Right to repair
  • Right to carry out improvements (you will normally require permission).
  • Right to acquire (in some instances)

For more information about your rights contact your landlord or managing agent.

For free advice on a variety of issues (including legal matters) contact the Citizens Advice Bureau at or on 01902 572006.

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