Wolverhampton Homes Support for Tenants and Residents Groups

As from 1st April 2012 WHs outlined the support it will give to TRAs, as follows:

  • All TRAs will have a named Tenant Involvement Officer (TIO) to give advice and support, who will contact them at least 1 x per month.  Estate Management staff will attend TRA meetings.  TRAs to liaise with local estate management staff and will attend Get Togethers at least 3 x per year. 
  • TI staff will help the TRA to develop membership.  TRAs must show 5% of residents in their area are members, a majority of whom must be tenants, and at least 10 residents must attend the AGM.
  • TI staff will advise TRA how to keep the community involved and WHs will pay the costs of room hire for meetings and of printing newsletters.  In addition to holding the AGM and contributing to a community event (see below) the TRA must hold a public meeting or produce 2 newsletters a year.
  • The TIO will help the TRA hold or contribute to a community event 1 x per year.
  • WHs will provide training for groups on a range of issues.
  • WHs will help new groups set up and will ask established groups to lend support.  WHs will hold 1 TRA only event per year.  TRAs must adopt WHs model constitution or one that covers the same information.
  • TRAs should cover 25 properties and at least 51% of the area covered should be Council properties.  Also there should be no other TRAs in the area.
  • WHs will provide running costs of £200 pa for groups who fulfil the above criteria or who are working towards fulfilling it.  If the group do not spend the grant their following years grant will be adjusted accordingly.  However if the group run short of funds WHs will top up the shortfall up to the £200.

The Tenant Involvement Team can be contacted on 01902 55 6789.

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