Right to Buy

In November 2011 the Government launched 'Laying the Foundations - A Housing Strategy for England'.  Under this it outlined a number of reforms to social housing, one of these is the promotion of the Right to Buy by increasing discounts for tenants.  In addition it promises each home sold under the Right to Buy will be replaced by a home for affordable rent. 

The Government has now announced that from April 2012 tenants of social housing could benefit from a discount of up to £75,000.

Basically they are eligible if they have been a public sector tenant for 5 years.  They will receive 35% discount after 5 years residency with an extra 1 % for each additional year up to a maximum of £75,000.  Tenants in flats will get 50% after 5 years with 2% added yearly.

Local authorities will be able to retain the receipts for replacement housing provided they can sign up to an agreement with Government that they will limit the use of the net Right to Buy receipts to 30% of the cost of the replacement homes.

However the Fed is concerned that the capital receipt available from each property will not cover a like for like replacement.  We had responded to the consultation along those lines and stressed our concern on the impact this will have on the waiting list.  

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