Review of the Lettings Policy

17 Oct 2011

Wolverhampton City Council lead on the Lettings Policy and so it is they who agree any amendments to it. However we understand that WHs has consulted widely on the policy and this has been fed back to the Council. An officer from the City Council came to our meeting in October to tell us about the proposed changes.

These are that:

  • In future 1 in 10 properties will go to bands 2 and 3 rather than 1 in 5 due to high demand for cases in urgent need
  • Applicants will be placed in the lowest band 4 if they have lived in the City for less than 12 months – (rather than 6 months) unless they can show clear and demonstrable need
  • Applicants in bands 1,2 and 3 (where there is an identifiable housing need) who have not bid in the last 6 months will be deferred and contacted to find out why they have not been bidding
  • Applicants that have refused 3 offers in 12 months will be deferred for 3 months
  • 50% of bungalows, flats and maisonettes will be advertised with preference given to applicants releasing houses to let although those in need will not be overlooked ie where non tenants need disabled adaptations
  • Owner occupiers who have more than £48,000 equity in a property will be placed in band 4 this will include those over 60 years of age unless there is clear and demonstrable need
  • Chain lettings are being introduced
  • Where tenants are decanted whilst works are being carried out in their homes, they will be given the option to remain in the decant if they have been there for over 6 months if it suits their needs 
  • Consultation is ongoing to reduce the age restriction down to 50 in senior blocks (the old sheltered schemes)
  • Age designation for other flats will also be reviewed
  • Applicants may be excluded from the housing register if guilty of certain types of behaviour and some may be placed in band 4 because of unacceptable behaviour
  • Families with children aged 16 to 21 years will be eligible for a house
  • An applicant in band 3 who needs to downsize due to possible hardship caused by the welfare changes will be given an additional social need award
  • Officers will work closely with applicants in the emergency band that need adaptions to make full use of adapted properties in preference to carrying out new adaptions
  • The review period for emergency band cases will be decreased from 3 to 2 months to make sure they are bidding and bidding appropriately 
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