Proposals for ASB 'Community Trigger'

The Government are proposing to introduce a community trigger as part of its reforms to tackle anti-social behaviour.  Basically if 5 or more households in one area complain about a resident's anti-social behaviour ie there is noise nuisance or threatening behaviour the authorities must taken action to address this.

The Government are promising to set up 5 pilot projects this summer to explore how this will work.

In May 2011 we at the Fed submitted a response to the consultation document issued by the Home Office on proposed changes to the tools and powers available to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB).  We submitted our response to the proposals based on the feedback you gave to us. The Home Office was requesting responses from organisations and the general public and the deadline for the feedback was 17th May 2011.
We held events in March and April to inform tenants about the proposed changes and to ask your views and this is what you told us.
You were concerned as to how effective the reformed toolkit would be in practice, particularly taking into account cuts to the Police Service and other agencies that deal with ASB.
You wondered how the Human Rights Legislation would impact on the changes ie could the legislation override the new powers
You felt the ‘community trigger’ was a positive step to tackle persistent ASB that had not been addressed by community safety partners.

We will do our best to keep you informed of the changes and any new developments

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