New ASB Unit

Following the review of ASB services across the City a new ASB Team has been set up.  It went live on the 1st May 2013.  To contact them email or telephone 01902 552950.

They deal with ASB across tenure both private and council except for tenant management and housing association properties. 

The team comprises a combination of City Council and Wolverhampton Homes staff.  There are 6 co-ordinated areas each managed by an ASB Co-ordinator.  The intention is to provide a consistent and impartial service.  To report ASB phone 551188, but if you require a police response phone 101 (in an emergency 999).  To report noise nuisance out of hours phone 552999 - this is the out of hours Council service line.

The new tools and powers to tackle ASB are likely to come into force in the Spring of 2015 under the draft ASB Bill.  Until then the existing poweres will remain in force.  For further info go to the Home Office website.  Under the Bill 19 of the current powers to tackle ASB are to be replaced with 6 new ones intended to be faster and more effective. 


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