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At present many of us are finding it difficult to make ends meet, what with the credit crunch, uncertainty as to jobs, and changes to benefits. From time to time we could all do with a bit of financial advice particularly if we get into debt. However there is plenty of free confidential advice and support out there – it’s a matter of knowing where to go. It’s much better to get help before things get out of hand but whatever the state of your finances the important thing to realise is that HELP is there for you.

For free independent debt advice on debt problems there is the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS). They deal with all sorts of debt problems not just debts relating to housing. Their free phone helpline is 0800 138 1111 or you can use their on line debt counselling tool Debt Remedy that can provide an assessment of your problem and tailored advice.  It is free, anonymous and available on line 24 hours a day.

Also Wolverhampton Homes have a team of officers who are there to advise on budgeting, dealing with arrears, and benefit advice. This is the Money Smart Team and they can be contacted by going onto Wolverhampton Homes web site or by telephone via Homes direct on 01902 55 6789. By going on their web site you can down load advice on running a home – see their leaflet, ’The cost of running a home.’

Other ways in which the Smart Team can help is by giving advice on:

  • Cheap home contents insurance
  • Low cost loans through the Credit Union (see below)
  • Maximising income
  • Tariffs on energy supply
  • Where to get low cost recycled furniture
  • Where to get low cost white goods (electrical kitchen appliances).

There is also the Money Advice Service where you can get help on all sorts of financial matters:

  • On divorce or separation
  • On pensions and retirement
  • On redundancy.

You can contact them on telephone 0333 321 3434 or at

The Credit Union is a non for profit financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members and surpluses are returned to members. Through the Credit Union you can save or borrow money at low rates. They work in partnership with Wolf Savings. For more info contact 01902 572340 or email or visit

There is also a free advice service from Turn2us. Help is there for people to access money available to them via benefits, grants and there is other financial assistance.
You can make use of their benefit checker to make sure you are receiving the correct welfare benefits and there is a grant search to help you or your organisation search for grant giving organisations.

You may contact their free confidential help line on 0808 802 2000 or via their web site

For other free advice on a variety of issues including legal and money matters there is the Citizens Advice Bureau their web site is or their advice line is 01902 572006.

Also the Royal British Legion offer a range of support services and financial help to ex personnel and their dependants - for more information  telephone 0121 456 9491 or go to

So don’t bury your head in the sand and hope your financial or other problems will go away of their own accord and please, please don’t borrow money from loan sharks or people just knocking on your door offering loans.


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