Housing Green Paper

The Government published a Housing Green Paper in August 2018.  A Green Paper is a preliminary report of Government to stimulate discussion.  There is no commitment to take action but can lead to a change in the law.

The Government claims the Green Paper is the first step to delivering on promises to ensure that tenants are treated with fairness, respect and dignity and that it will be a new deal for tenants.  It is proposing that tenants will be empowered to have greater control over their lives and homes.

The paper proposes:

  • to tackle the stigma around social housing
  • to rebalance the relationship between tenants and landlords
  • to ensure residents' voices are heard
  • to speed up the complaints process, providing access to effective dispute resolution and more support to access redress
  • to ease the progress towards home ownership through shared ownership with a phased approach
  • to strengthen the Regulator of Social Housing
  • to introduce performance indicators and league tables to show how tenants are treated and what level of service they receive
  • to give Councils a choice over the use of fixed term tenancies to enable greater security
  • to look at the wider issues of community cohesion and the local economy and how we build homes people want to live in.

The Government consulted on these proposals up to November 2018.  The Fed submitted a response. 

We are now awaiting the White Paper which is the next stage in the proposals becoming law.

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