Housing for all - the sequel

06 Aug 2012

The event took place on Friday 3rd August 2012 at Coven Lodge.  It was a follow up to our event in April looking at issues and problems for disabled and older tenants.  It was led by Karen Ryder from One Voice (see picture) and was an opportunity for tenants to look at the key issues and concerns and to consider how tenants can make a difference.  Tenants felt that they wished to be actively involved in ensuring that issues to do with disability and housing are brought to the attention of service providers, to ensure that disabled and older tenants needs are met.

We looked at levels of involvement and the impact the different levels might have and how far tenants wish to get involved.  We then looked at the issues and prioritised them.  (Rather appropriately during the Olympics in order of bronze, silver and gold.)

It certainly is a popular subject matter as the event was very well attended.


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