Housing for All

23 Apr 2012

The Federation held an event 'Housing for all' on Friday 20th April 2012. 

This event was funded through our Lottery project 'Tenant for Tenants - a voice for all'.  The event looked at problems and solutions faced by older and disabled tenants with regards to housing. 

Our speakers were Kevin Bailey from One voice (see picture) who expressed some of the concerns that older and disabled tenants have in their homes and he stressed the importance of service providers listening to what tenants have to say in order to be able to meet their needs.

Mark Henderson from Wolverhampton Homes outlined some of the challenges that they and other social housing providers face with an increasing aging population in the City.

Catherine Lancaster Graham and Clare Garratt from the City Council spoke about the Neighbourhood Support Service and Tracey Rilett from Black Country Housing Group told us about other support services available namely First Stop and Cosy Homes.

The workshops gave attendees (and there was an excellent turnaout) a chance to discuss some of the issues that they and their tenants groups face and they came up with some ideas and solutions to address some of these.  We are passing these concerns and ideas onto service providers.

Our thanks go to everyone who attended for their input and to our speakers.

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