Housing and Planning Act 2016

Latest on the Housing and Planning Act 2016 -

- The Right to Buy for Housing Association tenants (something we are not in principle opposed to as we believe all social tenants should have the same rights) is going ahead but will be delayed until at least April 2018.

- The introduction of flexible tenancies is going ahead but it will put an end to life time tenancies, with new tenancies only being granted for between 2 and 10 years, (with a review after 5 years) although there may be some exceptions.  It will not initially affect existing tenants and there will be extensions for new tenants who are disabled or who have children.

- Pay to Stay was scrapped in November 2016 or at least it is not complusory for Council tenants.  Pay to stay would have meant higher rents charged to those classed as higher   income households.

- The selling of higher value Council assets ties in with the Right to Buy extension.  Councils will be required to pay the Treasury the equivalent to the market value of higher value housing likely to become vacant in the financial year.  However they may have to pay back less if they agree to spend some of the money on new housing. The Treasury will put the money they receive towards funding the Right to Buy discounts.  Councils will have to sell properties to raise the money or find the funds from elswhere to pay the Treasury.  We understand this will not be implement in 2017/18.

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