Homeless Reduction Act 2018

The Homelessness Reduction Act came into force in April 2018.  The emphasis is very much on prevention. If a person is eligible (they have immigration status) and are homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days they qualify for the service which means they they can be assessed and reasonable steps can be taken to resolve their situation.  Each person will have a personalised housing plan .  There is a duty to help everyone and there is a duty to provide extended advice for vulnerable groups.

We were pleased to welcome officers from Wolverhampton Homes to our meeting in October 2018 to talk about what is being done in Wolverhampton to prevent homelessness.  The homelessness service in Wolverhampton is now managed by Wolverhampton Homes and is delivered from Market Street and the Wednesfield Office.

Homelessness and rough sleeping would appear to be on the increase.  A recognised lack of social housing combined with benefit cuts has left some people priced out of the private rental market although of course there are other factors leading to homelessness.

The Government has relaxed restrictions on Council borrowing to build but this is likely to take years to have an impact. 

The Government has set aside £61 million to distribute between Councils to fund the new responsibilities Councils will face under the Act.  It has also pledged to end rough sleeping by 2027.


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