Getting Involved

Ways you can get involved

Join the Federation

To join the Federation go to How to Join

Join or set up a Tenants Group

To join your local tenants group – see our membership list – if you get in touch with us we can tell you whether there is a group in your area and put you in touch with them.
Alternatively if there is no group we can help you to set one up if you wish to do so.  See below in downloads and in section on good practice for roles of officers and the role of committee members within a tenants association.

Participate in Wolverhampton Homes involvement structures

Wolverhampton Homes (WHs) – the Arms’ Length Management Organisation (ALMO) that manages the majority of Council houses in the City has its own participation structures.

  • There are places on the Board of Directors open to tenants or leaseholders. When vacancies arise these are widely published together with the procedure for application and selection. The Board manages the business of the Wolverhampton Homes Company.
  • Get Togethers are held in the City. The venues may vary but the dates, times and venues are published in advance. Any Council tenant or leaseholder or representative of a tenants’ group may attend these Get Togethers. They are an opportunity for tenants to meet officers from WHs, and to give their views on different issues and services.
  • Focus groups are usually convened to seek tenants’ views on specific issues or aspects of service. They normally comprise 6-12 tenants.

To find out more about WHs involvement structures go to

Tenant Management

Not all Council tenancies in Wolverhampton are managed by WHs. Over 3,000 properties are managed by Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs). This is where tenants have taken over the management of their estates under the Right to Manage Regulations. In order to do this the tenants have to go through a training programme and be assessed as competent to take over the running of their estate.

The 4 TMOs in Wolverhampton are at Dovecotes, Springfields/ Spring Valley, New Park Village, and Bushbury Hill.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about the Right to Manage. If you live on these estates and would like to get involved in the TMO contact them directly.

Contacts for the TMOs

Bushbury Hill Estate Management Board,
14, Kempthorne Avenue,
Low Hill,
WV10 9JG

Tel no 01902 55 2995


Web site

Dovecotes Estate Management Board
88, Ryefield,

Tel no 01902 55 2780

New Park Village Tenant Management Co-operative,
Ellerton House,
Ellerton Walk,
New Park Village,
WV10 0UG

Tel no 01902 55 2670

Springfield Horseshoe Tenant Management Co-operative,
27, Burton Road,
WV10 0EG

Tel no 01902 55 2872

Participate in other public sector housing

If you are a tenant of social housing but you do not live in Council housing ie you are a Housing Association tenant you may wish to get involved in how your service is delivered. There are many Housing Associations owning and managing homes in the City – each have different structures for you to get involved. For contact details see below downloads.

Interested in having your say on policing matters

The West Midlands Police hold local PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meetings across the area. These are advertised on their website.

You may be interested in joining your neighbourhood watch scheme or to set one up in your area. To find out more visit or telephone 0345 113 5000 ext 7871 / 6575.

There are many other ways you may wish to get involved in specific issues contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.


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