Energy Efficiency

The cost of running a home gets higher each year while the money we have to pay for it seems to get less. Keeping the home warm makes a big difference to our quality of life so the availability of adequate, efficient and affordable heating is really important.

Wolverhampton Homes currently carries out a programme of works to bring homes up to an acceptable standard under the Heating and Insulation Programme.

However if you have a serious illness that is made worse by cold or damp in your home you may be able to get work prioritised to improve the heating and insulation through the Health Through Warmth Scheme.

To find out more email or phone 01902 55 4509 or if you want more general information on energy saving contact or call on Freephone 0800512012.  Also if your home is managed by Wolverhampton Homes they are offering free advice surgeries on energy efficiency, for details go to

TOP TIPS on saving energy and money in the home

  • Don’t leave electrical equipment such as TVs, microwaves, DVD players on standby as they will continue to use electricity
  • Only fill kettles with the water you need – they use a lot of energy
  • If your PC is busy downloading or burning a CD switch the monitor off and don't forget to make sure they are switched off properly when you're not using them
  • Fit radiator panels behind radiators fitted to external walls. These foil strips reflect heat INTO the room rather than heat the outside wall. You can buy these at DIY stores.  If you have radiator thermostats make sure they are right for the room - they can be lower in rooms you don't often use
  • Close curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping and to save more heat you could line your curtains
  • Make sure your radiators aren't covered by curtains.  A radiator shelf (available from DIY stores) will help to direct heat into the room away from the window 
  • Cover pans while cooking
  • Use the right size pan for the cooker ring and only use the amount of water you need
  • Low energy light bulbs will use a lot less energy than conventional bulbs.  They're not suitable everywhere but if you fit them where you can you will save energy
  • Consider buying an energy monitor, they can be found at a number of retail outlets – or contact your energy supplier as they may be able to provide them
  • Look for products that are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust to save you most energy in your home
  • You can compare the running costs for different electrical appliances at
  • One quarter of your energy bill could be due to hot water usage, so take care with running taps and with the amount of water you use in baths and showers 

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