Council tax reduction scheme

Since 2013 Councils have been expected to implement their own local schemes.  In 2014/15 there will be a further cut of £600,000 in Government  grant to Wolverhampton so the Council are introducing more cuts to Council tax support.  None of the changes listed below affect pensioners.

Changes from 1st April 2014:

  • All working age tax payers will have to pay at least 12% of their council tax
  • only child benefit for the oldest child will be disregarded
  • there will be no support for those with savings/capital of more than £6,000
  • support will be reduced by 23p for every £1 of a claimants income above their personal allowance.  Allowances depend on an individuals circumstances
  • there will be an end to the second adult rebate
  • the amount of council tax charge on which support is calculated will be restricted to level band C
  • awards may only be backdated 1 calendar month
  • non dependants who live in the household of a working age customer will have their deduction increased by 5% more than deductions for non dependants who live in a pensioner household.
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