Council tax benefit consultation

20 Nov 2013

At our meeting on 11th November 2013 the Council consulted on proposals to reduce Council tax benefit due to further cuts being made by Government.

The proposals:

  • all working age tax payers to pay at least 12% of their Council tax
  • in future only the child benefit received for the oldest child will be disregarded
  • no support for those with savings/capital of more than £3,000
  • support to be reduced by 23p for every £1 of a claimants income above their personal allowance.  Allowances depend on an individuals circumstances
  • to end 2nd adult rebate
  • to restrict the amount of Council tax charge on which support is calculated up to level band c
  • awards only able to be back dated to 1 month
  • to increase non-dependant deductions by 5% over and above the amount set by Govt for pensioner claims

Pensioners will still receive 100% support.

Members of the Fed said they were unhappy about the proposals as they considered that a further reduction in support for working people on low incomes would make their situation more difficult.  People will have to find extra money for rent and Council tax but their incomes will not increase.

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