Anti-social behaviour

23 May 2012

The Home Secretary Theresa May has said she wants to press ahead with proposals to replace the different powers (including ASBOs) to tackle anti-social behaviour with a stream lined regime.

She also hopes to introduce the 'community trigger' that will give the public the power to demand police action if a complaint over ASB is made by 5 or more households.

She has said the proposals will 'put the needs of victims first' by simplifying the process.

It is also understood there will be on the spot penalties for householders who regularly dump rubbish in their gardens.

The new measures will include

- Criminal behaviour orders with preventative bans and these may carry a prison sentence if breached

- Crime prevention injunctions that would bring in restrictions on future behaviour

- Community protection orders to deal with litter, graffiti and noise

- Police 'direction' powers to replace current dispersal powers

- The community trigger

Also there are plans to speed up the eviction process for tenants who persistently cause ASB and to introduce new powers to evict tenants if they or members of their household are convicted for ASB where ever that takes place in the UK.

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