Universal Credit

A new type of benefit, for working age people only, called Universal Credit (UC) was introduced in Wolverhampton in February 2016.  It brings together the main out of work benefits:

  • housing benefit
  • income support
  • job seekers allowance
  • income related employment and support allowance
  • child tax credit
  • working tax credit.

It is paid once a month in arrears into your bank account.

It was introduced mainly for single unemployed people from 8th February 2016.

As housing benefit will be included in Universal Credit you will need to pay your rent yourself.

You will need to apply for and manage your benefits on line and you will also need to open a bank account or credit union account ready for Universal Credit to be paid into it. 

Wolverhampton will be a full service area from 13th December 2017 ie all eligible claimants should be able to apply for UC from then.  However there will be some exceptions ie large families with 3 or more children.  They will be able to claim from November 2018.

In addition some Wolverhampton post codes were designated to come under the full servce roll out for Dudley in July 2017, and Walsall for April 2018.

We are concerned that the roll out of the full service will present many challenges and could see widespread economic hardship for some.  For support and advice go to www.universalcreditwolverhampton.co.uk/ 

Under UC young single people aged 18 to 21 years will not be able to claim help towards their rent although there are some exceptions.

Under UC full service you will be expected to apply on line at www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit

If you need help contact the UC service centre on 0345 600 0723

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